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02 January 2008 @ 12:27 pm
Happy new year!  
So a new year again. I hope it will be better than the last. Although that's not too hard. This year began with fog. I have never before seen anything like it. There was just fog, we couldn't see the street from the car. It was a fog only known in books, you know: They couldn't see their hands before their eyes. Now I know how this looks. I could see my hands, but nothing more. It was great and fascinating, but I couldn't drive home. It was still foggy in the morning, but you could see the street again, and when I was on my way, the sun came out, it was beautiful.
I feel like I always talk about the weather...
But I can't think of other interesting things.
My new years resolution is to find my way, to see more of the good things in life and get back on track. Just do something about my problems.
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